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    Henan HIQ Furnace Co., LTD established in March 2017, we are a professional electrical furnace company in Zhengzhou, our products cover muffle furnace, high temperature box furnace, crucible furnace, atmosphere furnace, bottom-loading furnace, vacuum tube furnace, multi-zone tube furnace, vertical tube furnace, CVD tube furnace, bogie hearth furnace, push plate furnace, 2200℃ vacuum furnace, vacuum gas pressure sintering furnace, gas quenching vacuum furnace, oil quenching gas cooling vacuum furnace, vacuum medium frequency induction melting furnace and etc. Also, we can supply many kinds of furnace for different usage as per our customers' requirements.  

     HIQ Furnace has the best professional partners which have more than 10 years experience in furnace production. And the complete and scientific quality management system to make sure our clients can received the best quality furnace. we will persist on our tradition to make friends all over China, work hand in hand and make mutual improvement and benefits together!